• Cognitive profile
  • Educational profile
  • Emotional profile
  • Social and Behaviour profile

Specific assessments for:

  • learning difficulties and disabilities
  • giftedness
  • identifying co-related syndromes

Diagnostic cognitive and educational assessments can take between 3-5 hours, with the number of sessions dependent on the age of the client and the specific assessment required. Assessments for gifted preschool children take approximately 3 hours and are spread over 2-3 sessions. Assessments for teenagers needing reader/writer, use of computer or more time for exams usually take 4 hours.


Cognitive & Educational Assessment range between $950-1200 exclusive of gst and include a full written report.

Gifted preschool Cognitive & Educational Assessments range between $720-950 exclusive of gst and include a full written report.

Fees may apply for additional copies of reports, special letters, emails and/or booked telephone calls.

Fees apply to cancellations made with less than 2 working days' notice.

Credit card surcharges apply.

Please phone if you need further assistance.

Post Assessment:

Additional fees may apply for the following

  • Follow up meetings to discuss the report recommendations & how they may be implemented.
  • Liaisons with kindergarten or school in terms of observations of the child in the classroom, discussions with staff or attendance at IEP meetings.
  • Liaisons where appropriate with other professionals involved with the child.
  • Referrals to other professionals where appropriate.
  • Monitoring of a child’s progress.
  • Planning of remedial programmes where necessary.