Effective Study Programme

The Best Proven Way to Get Results

The students say:

“THANK YOU! You’re a star in the dark, you’ve helped me lots”
“I went from 34% to 81% in my exam, you made a real difference to my study.”
“I wish I had known about you guys when I started high school!”

Our ESP workshops on exam and study skills have helped students for over 20 years.


Presented by:

Tim Burgess – BA; Dip Teaching; COGE; ATCL; FRGS
Lynn Berresford - Reg Psychologist;
MEd(Hons); DipCounselling; DipTchg; MNZPsP; MNZAC


What do the ESP workshops involve?

ESP is fun, relevant, challenging and engaging for Years 9-13 students who want to succeed.

The workshops run over 3 days and include a parent information meeting and a student follow up half day. The  group instruction and practice covers essential meta-cognitive and organisational exam and study skills such as active questioning, multiple intelligences, learning styles, goal setting, note-taking, time management, memory aids, and overcoming negative thought patterns, amongst others.

Who can benefit from ESP?

We believe all students, regardless of their learning profile, gain from the ESP approach.

However, with our extensive professional experience with students with Specific Learning Differences, ESP workshops have been designed to work particularly well for students who are experiencing issues such as:

  • dyslexia, dyspraxia, and dyscalculia.
  • giftedness.
  • Twice Exceptional.
  • some behavioural and emotional difficulties.
  • some high functioning autistic spectrum disorders.

How are ESP Workshops designed?

ESP Workshops cater for transitional bands (all cover emotional aspects of study):

  • diverse range of specialist teachers.
  • less teacher contact time
  • establishing study habits
  • changing timetables and classrooms

Years 9/10: This band focuses on the transitional changes on coping with junior secondary.

  • learning to deal with exams and note taking.
  • practicing study habits.
  • coordinating deadlines and commitments.

Years 11/12/13: This band focuses on the transitional changes on entering senior secondary.

  • continual pressure from assessments.
  • notes organisation and ongoing summarising.
  • examination techniques and skills.
  • goal-setting and time management.

Where are the workshops held?

The workshops will be held at Kip McGrath, 1st Floor Eden Quarter, 290 Dominion Road, Mt Eden

Next Courses

Year 9 & 10 group starting Monday 16 April - Wednesday 18 April 2018

Year 11, 12 & 13 group starting Monday 23 April - Wednesday 25 April 2018

Call the office to register your interest - 09) 444-6859