Diagnostic Cognitive and Educational Assessments usually take around 4 hours, with the number of sessions dependant on the age of the child/student.

For individuals with processing difficulties or behavioural/emotional issues, the 4 hours of assessment may be extended to 5 hours.

Assessments of preschool gifted children usually take around 3 hours which can be spread over 2 [sometimes 3] appointments.

Assessments for teenagers needing reader/writer, use of computer or more time for exams usually take 4 hours.


Counselling sessions – by arrangement – usually 1 hour


For a Full Cognitive & Educational Assessment an average assessment is $900.00 inclusive gst and including the written report.

Counselling Sessions and Parent Meetings are usually charged at $180.00 inclusive gst.  For an agreed number of sessions the cost is negotiable.

A fee applies for requests for copies of reports, special letters/emails/booked telephone calls.

A fee applies to cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice.

Please phone 09 444 6859 if you need further assistance.